Your volunteer mentors are the lifeblood of your mission.

Grow and develop them even more without growing your staff to manage it.

Easy for mentors to enlist.

We make it easy for prospective mentors to tell their story and express their interest in your mission.

Easy for mentees to engage.

We make it easy for those who have a need to share what they are looking for in a mentor relationship.

Easy for you to educate.

We make it easy for you to educate mentees & mentors while measuring the success of your mentoring programs.

Here’s how it works.

STEP 1 - Create and launch a video application form

Create application forms fast and easy with the information you need from prospective mentors.

STEP 2 - Review video submissions from mentor applicants

Prospective mentors share their story via video. You review and approve those that make the cut to move forward.

STEP 3 - Train your prospective mentors

Mentors approved for training complete a custom protocol of learning modules you create. Interact with mentors via live groups or one-on-one training sessions.

STEP 4 - Approve prospective mentors to be smart-matched with mentees

Enable the new mentors' videos to be visible to those seeking support. Mentor profile information is smart-matched to the needs of the mentee.

STEP 5 - Invite those seeking a mentor to share their stories

Mentees complete a video form sharing their interests and what they are looking for in a mentor relationship.

STEP 6 - Connect and engage

Mentors and mentees are matched based on your desired set of criteria. Once matched, they can communicate with each other via two-way encrypted email, SMS, and live video meetings.

STEP 7 - Measure the engagement level

Easily review and export real-time engagement analytics regarding your peer support network.

Share the success

Empower your mentors and mentees to share firsthand how their lives have been impacted by your program. Once videos are uploaded and approved, they can be repurposed on all social platforms.

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