We desire to see our communities flourish...

“Think match.com for connecting newly diagnosed cancer patients with survivors. Or, connecting addicts with sponsors, mentees with mentors.”


Step by Step

Form builder

Curated Custom Fields

Collect Better Data

Intake Forms

Embed Video Capture

Get personal with video forms.

Easy Data Collection

Collect the necessary information from those in your program.

Admin Matching

Admin sets matching criteria. Age, location, etc...

View Matches Dashboard

Let your members and champions view their matches.

Champion Matching


Champion and members can select their each other based on % matched.

Manual Matching

Want to manually match your members? Admin has the ability to matching members to champions.


Set matching criteria for members.

Live Video

Host a live event in group wall.

Smart Groups

Group Access

Open, Public, Private

Group Roles

Admin and champion can set group roles.

Training Courses

Create training courses from lessons.

Track Progress

Track participates progress.

Training Courses


Equip your Champion before they meet with those in your program.


Get real time notifications about members progress.

Track Engagement

Track what your members and champions are doing.


Design and track custom outcomes.

Outcomes Reporting

Live Reporting

Monitor the success of your program with live reporting metrics.


Create and assign outcomes for the members of your programs.

Detailed Features

Video Platform

Video Recorder Form – Capture user stories with a custom form for your video campaigns.

Video Hosting & Management – Store and manage videos in the cloud with our secure infrastructure. 

Video Playlist – Turn a collection of videos into powerful playlists on your website.

Custom Video Form Fields – Use custom form fields to gather important information about your users/contributors. Easily create video forms to add to your website.

Custom Tags – Create tags to make it easy for users to identify with a topic their story is about, or a topic they’re interested in.

Video Downloads – Download any user video or screen recording (as an mp4. or mov. file).

Video Time Limits –  Set time limits for your users’ video.

Custom Video CTA’s – Create custom Video Call To Actions on your user generated videos.

Social Posting – Native Social Posting for your users and company.

Transcript SEO – Use our transcribing feature to pull key words from user videos, adding them to your SEO keyword search.

Public or Private Videos – Let your users decide if their video is for private or public use.

Marketing CRM

Contacts – Easily add your video and company contacts, keeping track of them all in one spot.

Email Drip Campaigns – Improve on the relationships of trust you’ve built with your users. Create and automate emails throughout the customer journey with email drip campaigns.

List Segmentation – Segment your contacts and send the right content to the right people at the right time. 

Contact Management – Manage your contacts with groups and interest filters that will help you send the correct information to them.

Workflow Automations – Build dynamic automated workflows using drag-and-drop tools and sophisticated logic.

Smart Matching

Match People – Match Champions with your Users based on tags and custom data.

Custom Criteria – Create customized criteria for an unlimited amount of campaigns.

Manual Matching – Manually match people in your database.

Admin Matching – Rematch people in your database based on new criteria.

Advanced Reports – Run and track matches by any criteria.


Member – Anyone who submits A Intake Form automatically becomes a Member. A User can include but is not limited to customers, mentees, and patients, etc.

Champion – Anyone within your organization or program who acts in the supporter, mentor, or advocate role.

Coach – Anyone within your organization who is responsible for overseeing the training and development of your Champions.

Learning Management System

Champion Development – Custom protocol on how to best build your champion development.

Resource Center – Library of company protocol documents and video collections.

Goal Tracking – Track the progress of training modules for your Champions.

Payments – Accept payment to become a champion for your brand mission.

Notifications – Receive notifications to track communication within the platform.

Live, One-to-One Group Sessions – Host live groups or one-to-one training sessions.

Real Time Chat – Communicate and ask questions in real time during a training session.

Analytics & Impact

Basic Reporting – Use reports to analyze trends across all your videos and contacts.

Detailed Video Heatmaps – Identify and track what people are watching on your videos. Use this data for smarter user nurturing.

Impact Reporting – Show your donors where their money is going with our impact reporting. It tracks how many users are engaging and sharing videos, connecting to community, and how many brand champions you develop.

User Analytics & Insights – Utilizing our rich data, you will better understand what specifically engages your users.

Campaign Reporting – Get the most measurable marketing tactics as you see what your emails are doing in real time.

Communication Dashboards

Champion and User Portals – Build relationships of trust in our user and champion portals. Send emails, SMS and hangout on a video call.

SMS/Video – Send and receive encrypted text messages and video calls within the user portal.

Meet Up Scheduler – Schedule meetups, groups and activities within the portal.

Email Dashboard – Send and record all email communication.

Smart Matching – Our data tags and analytics match user profiles to your brand champions based on story, interest, location, age and more.

Groups – Create a group and let other users join based on interest.

Brand & Design

Branded Video Player – Customize the video player to control your brand experience. Pick your player color and upload your logo to match your brand.

Branded Video Playlist – Customize the look of a collection of your users’ videos to fit your brand and website.

Email Templates – Use our email templates or personalize and create your own. 

White Label Platform – Our platform is completely customizable to fit your brand.

Subdomain – Customize for business or marketing purposes so that users see your brand, and not Think Native’s.

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